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I am currently in a research class in my last year of a BSN program. I like research but am having a difficult time finding a research topic to present to a class of about 90 other senior nursing students. I guess I should re-phrase that. It's not difficulty in finding a topic, it's more like finding a topic that I'm interested in AS WELL as capturing the attention of my audience. The topics I've thought about are:

-Effects of vitamin D on chronic illness

-How does sleep affect academic performance

-Does increasing cell phone use have any impact on health

-Is there evidence based research for why the rate of allergies continues to rise

-AND, the one I'm currently most interested in: Have there been any studies on adverse drug events during medication administration in the hospital. In clinicals, I feel like no matter how much I read and learn about the drugs I'm giving, there's something missing. What bothers me is patients will receive up to 15 p.o. meds at a time without anyone giving it a second thought. I know there's not enough time in the world to give one po med hour by hour or anything but I just have this gut feeling that something isn't right about it.

I'm just having a difficult time settling on a topic and could use some advice from anyone about how to narrow it down. The only specific criteria we have is that it must be published in the last 5 years, comes from a reliable source, and we need 5 other articles to use as references. We present for 20 minutes on it and just basically describe the findings and the article in limited detail.

Any help is appreciated!

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'adverse drug events during medication administration in the hospital " This is not clear and if used needs to be narrowed down and be made more specific. Have you thought about doing something that EVERY hospital nurse I have ever known has had an interest in improving and that is staffing levels. There are MANY good studies on the level of nurse staffing levels to adverse pt outcomes and mortality rates. Not surprisingly, the patients alwasy do better with good staffing levels. Some of the studies are quite dramatic and eye opening. What do you think..I have more but this is my favorite

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Thank you for your input! I think that would be a great topic! We had to decide on something already (as a group of 6) unfortunately. But I think it will work. Instead of doing the effects of sleep on academic performance, we're going to do how sleep affects nurse performance and their patient outcomes. Staffing is way more clear cut than sleep will be. But my group will kill me if I try to suggest a different topic at this point. I appreciate your suggestion though. I'll probably be in school my entire life and will, more than likely, come across more research stuff so I will definitely keep that one in mind.

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I know this topic is from a few months ago, but I too am enrolled in a BSN completion program and in nursing research. Had my first class this past Tuesday and thought I had a topic r/t the use of physical restraints and therapeutic communication. Well, that was shot down as in the subject has been beat to death a few years back. So back to the drawing board.

We had to come up with a couple of topics in class and out of desperation I spit out one that I have no interest in at all and would have to narrow completely. I am now looking deeper into topics to find something that grabs me. Any ideas would be welcome and I like the staffing topic much better than obesity in children in relation to obesity in parents.


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Atmosphere, I'm the one you pm'd earlier. I have no way of pm'ing you back until I've made 15 posts. Anyway, I'm practically desperate to talk with you over what you said in your message to me. If you would, please pm me again and leave me your email address so that I can have a way to communicate with you. I'm truly needing your advice and knowledge regarding that subject.

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