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anyone use these books?

i just wanted to know if you all thought it was worth the money. i do enjoy what i do right now. but it is always good to know tips and advice from others. i love reading, and these books look pretty interesting. i think the reviews on them from the site where i found them are pretty bland. so i just wanted to know your opinion.

thanks guys!


[color=#003399]your first year as a nurse: making the tra... by donna rn cardillo


[color=#003399]how to survive and maybe even love your life... by kelli s. dunham


[color=#003399]first year nurse: wisdom, warnings, and wh... by barbara arnold...


[color=#003399]little book of nurses' rules by rosalie hammerschmidt

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To be honest, I think that once you start 'real world nursing', textbooks of any kind really get thrown out of the window. I would refer to books I already have or maybe a good med-surg pocket guide and that is it. They sell tiny pocket sized pharmacology booklets for a quick glance at drugs before you administer them, and you can place little notes for yourself in either of these books. Or invest in a PDA, where you can download a drug guide, medical encyclopedia (like Taber's or Mosby), and I have a program with Medical Diagnoses and nursing interventions. This saved space in my pocket. And, to be honest, I purchased a fanny pack that I keep around my waist. My PDA, wallet and money are there, along with a highlighter and plenty of pens.

If you had a nursing science book that sort of explains basic things such as success in nursing, or such, that would really be enough. Most students have had to take a class in that. Good luck!


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I haven't read any of those books, but I did read

The Everything New Nurse Book By: Kathy Quan. Of course, in nursing you really have to get out there and do it, but this book had a lot of practical information including job interview ing tips, timing management and so on. I really enjoyed it and often refer back to it.


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I read a couple of these books--they are ok. Pretty much just common sense stuff. :)

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