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Adventhealth (ADU) University DNAP/CRNA Nurse Anesthesia program quality?


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Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone has information about Adventhealth's Orlando nurse anesthesia program. Would you recommend it? According to their site, their 1st time NCE pass rate for their 2019 class is the lowest at 75% compared to '17 and '18. I used to work with a bunch of CRNAs that graduated from the program so I'm considering applying. It's a private program and priced as such. The decline in program outcomes concerns me.

Also would love to know more about these stats. Can you share the link where you find the NCE pass rates? I was doing a search by state similar to when I was looking at nursing schools for their NCLEX pass rate but its so messy. If there was a better source to look at schools, I'd love to know.



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Easy hours, usually out by 3 but many students leave earlier. There are occasions SRNAs stay later than that if independent but that's rare as well. You will get all your numbers and they get several really good heart and OB rotations. You will not get many PNBs and you will not do any trauma. Can't really speak on classes because that really is whatever the SRNA makes of it in any program. I will say this program needs to let the SRNAs do more "bigger" cases on their own. Many of the independent days they do are in Endo or simple rooms with a bunch of cystos or surgery center cases.