advantage/disadvantage of going to UBC Nursing?


I completed my degree in science and in the process of applying for a nursing school in BC, mainly UBC and BCIT. UBC seems attractive as it is a shorter(20months?) program compare to a 3 year program at BCIT. What are the advantage and disadvantage of going to UBC? would there be any disadvantage when I look for jobs after completion of degree from UBC nursing?


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Most employers don't care where you went to school. They just want to know you passed CRNE at the first try.

School only helps you network.


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Disadvantage- you only get two years of nursing and clinical experience whereas BCIT you get 3 or Douglas or kwantlen you get 3 or 4. Way more expensive!! A school like Douglas is 1900 a semester for tuition and UBC is like 4000.

Advantage- your degree says UBC

I don't think it matters where you go as long as your prepared and pass the CRNE as Fiona mentioned


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Oh one other disadvantage of BCIT is you can not be an ESN and UBC you can't till after your 3rd year.

This is a disadvantage because you don't get the extra experience or start building seniority in the health authority which you will want when getting a job.


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Kwantlen offers an accelerated program that's only 2.5 years. Check out their Bachelor of Science in Nursing Post-Baccalaureate.