Very silly but important!

  1. I need to have a PDA for references during clinical hours, I am now a full time student trying to save on every dime so; anything with a recurrent monthly bill is absolutely out. I need a wi-fi PDA so I can acess epocrates, ovid, MDconsult etc... while on clinical site. Budget is very tight but will try to spend if need be. What reliable PDAs have worked for students and clinicians in this high tech world of ours. I find myself spending hours to research and can't seem to make up my mind. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Almost all PDAs with the exception of the iPod Touch have gone the way of smart phones.

    Personally, I have an iPhone and I love it. Plenty of apps as well as the phone.
  4. by   CCRNDiva
    I currently use a Blackberry Torch. I have many med related apps so far and I will be able to download Pepid in the Fall for clinicals.
  5. by   Psychcns
    I have an iPod touch. Can buy one refurbished. I bought mine new a few years ago. Under $200. Can download free apps with free/public wifi. Works great. Many apps work without Internet once you download them. Need a free apple account.
  6. by   psychonaut
    +1 on th iPod touch. I like my phone, so I didn't want an iPhone, but the iPod makes for a thin, light supercomputer in your pocket. Epocrates, Medscape, etc for freebies, and my $$ UpToDate is sweet on it (and I paid the extra to have the entire UpToDate downloaded in case I'm away from wifi).