Vanderbilt Pre-Specialty (for non-RNs) MSN 2013

  1. Hi All,

    There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for pre-specialty Vandy applicants (the thread going now seems to consist mostly of grad entry), so I thought I'd start one! Any other pre-specialty folks out there? I am from Seattle and applied for the PMHNP track.

    Looking forward to seeing who turns up!

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  3. by   worth11
    Hi Sarah!

    I'm also a pre-specialty applicant, but I chose to pursue the ACNP track. I can't wait to hear something back from Vanderbilt! Have you already received notification that your application has gone on to faculty review? I was notified a week ago, but I'm hoping that I will know their decision by the end of February...the sooner, the better haha!
  4. by   jasonmstone82
    @worth and sarah

    I am applying as a pre-specialty as well. I'm currently in Kansas and I am applying forthe FNP track. I have only received thetwo confirmation emails so far, not one about it at faculty review. There is another thread going on about the 13MSN cohorts and it mentioned that applications won't even be ready for facultyreview for another week most likely. They are still busy putting everythingtogether.
  5. by   sarahdukie
    Hi All,

    Great to 'meet' more Vandy applicants! I submitted my application at the end of November, and on December 11th got the following email (deficient items for me were two prereqs, which I finished last week). I assume they will begin reviewing applications soon? I read the entire 2012 thread, and it looked like folks received emails for interviews (required for the psych track, case by case, I think, after that) as early as late January. Exciting and nervewracking! Where else are you all applying?


    Please see attachment. Only items marked with an "X" are deficient. Your file is ready for faculty review. Notifications to applicants should begin the end of February, early March.
  6. by   worth11
    Sarah, I received the email on December 11th as well. I am really hoping that we might be notified at the end of February! Do you think they will send acceptance/rejection notifications through mail or email? From what I've read, I believe they have used both methods in the past. So far, I have only applied to Vanderbilt. Where else have you applied?

    Also, have you guys already attended an open house? Unfortunately I missed the one offered in October, but I do plan on attending in March.
  7. by   sarahdukie
    Hi Worth!

    I am not sure about method of notification, though last year it seemed that mail was most common based on what I read from last year's thread? Nerve wracking indeed! I imagine exactly when we are notified will depend on the number of applicants and how early one applied. There seem to be far fewer pre-specialty applicants for Vandy on the site compared to last year--not sure if that is any indicator of how many will actually apply? Could be February, could be March, though it seems many last year heard in late Feb. I applied to Columbia and Seattle U. Columbia decisions go out in mid-Feb, Seattle U not until late March!
  8. by   jasonmstone82
    Well if it is just the three of us applying for pre-specialty, our chances of admission look pretty good! lol
  9. by   worth11
    It's starting to look like it, isn't it? haha. There were tons of posts made by pre-specialty applicants in the 2011 and 2012 threads. I guess more applicants will show up as it gets closer to March.

    Good luck with all of your applications, Sarah! It'll be late March before we know it...hopefully lol!
  10. by   KoKe
    Hey guys!

    I'm applying to the PMHNP pre-specialty program as well. I never received any emails or notifications that the committee received all of my materials. I submitted everything on November 28 and it reached on the 30th (last minute, I know). When I emailed them to see if they got everything, they replied stating my application is complete and will be considered under priority review. For those of you who didn't get notification that they got your application, just send them a friendly email and they'll double check. It's so exciting to hear that we'll find out late February/march. This school is definitely one of my top choices.
  11. by   jasonmstone82

    Who did you email to confirm if your application is complete?
  12. by   KoKe
    xxxxx, Assistant Director of Admissions - xxxxxx
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  14. by   incher
    Hi all. Posted on other thread some. PreSpeciality AGNP Anxious about this. 7 more weeks? Eeek!