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Hi All, There doesn't seem to be a thread yet for pre-specialty Vandy applicants (the thread going now seems to consist mostly of grad entry), so I thought I'd start one! Any other pre-specialty... Read More

  1. by   litchick91
    Fairly sure hi616 is right on this one. I think you have to be on campus for the first year if you're pre-specialty. Pre-Specialty Entry | Master of Science in Nursing | Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
  2. by   oau3
    Thanks Sarah and kms!
  3. by   joellieeee
    So I was too excited to wait until the Open House next weekend to meet everyone so I started a Facebook group for those who were already accepted for this upcoming Fall 2013! (Search: Vanderbilt School of Nursing - Accepted Fall 2013, or
  4. by   simmaplease
    I see that the website says that non-RN students must be in Nashville for the pre-specialty year. But if I am graduating nursing school in May I will be an RN. So I'm not sure if I am required to relocate or not. I emailed ******* to find out more.
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  5. by   hi616
    Simmaplease- if you haven't seen it there's another Vanderbilt thread for this years app cycle. "Vanderbilt grad entry 2013" is the name I think. It might be helpful since you'll be an RN and of the students over there are non-specialty students.
  6. by   bbcc
    Simmaplease - what's your specialty? The list on the right here: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) | Vanderbilt School of Nursing shows which specialties are offered distance and not - it looks like for RNs, everything except Acute Care / Geriatrics is possible!
  7. by   Keats717
    Hey for all you looking for places to stay during the visiting weekend, there are a couple hostels in the area that may suite you. I don't know the names off hand, but just google hostels Nashville and you'll find at least 4, one of which is right next to the nursing school! I'm staying there at $50 a night, which is a heck of alot cheaper than the hotels in the area! They even offer a really good price ($17 round trip) for the airport. Seeing as this trip already cost me $500 for the airfare, I'm glad I could find cheaper places to stay! Good luck all and look forward to meeting you on campus!
  8. by   MMarch71
    Hi All-

    I've been a long time lurker on this forum...I too was one of the ones who received the "still under review" email. I got my acceptance letter in the mail today for FNP Pre-Specialty, so keep the faith. Good luck to all.
  9. by   hi616
    Congrats!! I am FNP too but haven't heard yet so I can't wait to get home to check the mail. Are you close to Nashville?
  10. by   MMarch71

    I'm in VA, in Williamsburg, about 650 miles from Nashville.
  11. by   hi616
    Oh okay just curious if you got yours sooner if you were closer. I'm about the same distance so hopefully I get something today.
  12. by   MMarch71
    I hope you do too! We interviewed the same day.
  13. by   hannahzp
    Did anyone else receive the financial aid email today? I'm still waiting to hear if I've been accepted.