Thinking of opening a NP private practice?? Let's talk about how I can help u??

  1. I found a happy place in the world. Helping NPs become their own boss. It's exciting. NOT AT ALL EASY. But nothing worth while ever is. Let's discuss the possibility of private practice!!!!
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  3. by   gettingbsn2msn
    I just did this in a state that requires a collaborative physician. I just opened my 2nd location. Love what I am doing. No one should ever think this is easy. It's not at all. I'm still learning but I enjoy my patients and honestly I provide more for them via my time.
  4. by   gettingbsn2msn
    I also will never be wealthy. It's OK. I still love it. I did it on a 10k start.
  5. by   NHGN
    I'm considering starting one within the next year or two..
  6. by   db2xs
    cccs, I'd be interested in hearing more, thank you.
  7. by   PediNP16
    Can you give a little more info about how you did this practically, especially with a 10k start?
  8. by   aprnKate
    There's a bunch of seminars on this topic on starting your own private practice if you just google it up. You can also probably ask your local state NP groups how they got started on this, I'm sure one of the NPs in your local have done it which requires you to form a LLC or S corp -- you can get an accountant to set that up for you. Hire a collaborating physician... and of course, a loan to start up your business... etc