Recommendation for pharm ceu’s? Preparing to recertify

  1. Any good and relatively inexpensive courses anyone could recommend? Or conferences?

    I've put this off and have until next July to get it done ....will pay more if it's worth it.
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  3. by   DizzyJon
    Prescriber's Letter is pretty good and pharm specific.
  4. by   AnnieNP
    The AANP website has online lectures with pharm credits.
  5. by   IsabelK
    If you want some online stuff, here's 3 of my favorites:

    There's about 20 websites I use regularly depending on what I'm looking for. Also check out Fitzgerald, APEA, and Barkley and Associates.

    Live stuff is easy to find. One of my favorites is the MER conferences. Half days giving you time to run around and enjoy wherever you are. Also get involved in your state NP association. Most, if not all, of them have one day and multi-day conferences throughout the year. I don't know where you are, but I just did a 4.5 day conference in NYS and got 28 credits from it, including 16.5 pharm credits.
  6. by   Jules A
    I do all physicians conferences because I love the trip write off and feel the material is more in depth and delivered by highly regarded physicians in the specialty. The free food and hotel discounts are also usually better as compared to nursing conferences. Check out the national organization for whatever medical specialty you practice in for their offerings.
  7. by   lbonn_MICUNP
    Prescriber's Letter and AACN (I currently work in Critical Care) have been great sources. I would utilize your specialty organizations including AANP/ANCC, many offer free podcasts/videos for Pharm credit.