1. Hello all,

    To keep it short, I'm about half way done with my DNP in midwifery expecting to graduate 5/2020. There's a representative from the HRSA loan repayment program coming on campus next month to discuss scholarship, loan repayments, etc. My goal was always to work in a high need facility after graduation. I want to work with that population plus loan repayment is key for me. My question is about salaries. I suspect that these facilities aren't necessarily at the top pay grade for the field but what are the salaries like? I'm fine with making less starting out in exchange for some debt relief!

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   Jules A
    The facilities that offer these federal programs are not in any way contributing to the reimbursement. The loan repayment money should not come into negotiation of salary unless you want to buy into that and work for less, which unfortunately many NPs seem willing to do. Keep in mind the penalties for not fulfilling your contract and also that most of these places are in undesirable locales. It can be an excellent deal just know what you are getting into. A friend started as a new grad in a rural area making $170,000 plus $30,000 a year tax free tuition reimbursement, they initially offered $120,000.
  4. by   FullGlass
    I work in an FQHC in a rural area. The pay is actually more than I would make in a big city, and the cost of living is way less. I'm an AGPCNP. If you are willing to work in a more rural area or in an inner city, it can be quite rewarding. Rural doesn't mean 1,000 miles from anywhere. Where I live, I can be in one city of 100,000 in less than one hour and another university city of the same size in about 1.5 -2 hours. I also interviewed at an FQHC only 30 minutes from a major metropolitan area.