Barkley FNP home study review vs. Leik live FNP review....

  1. Hello, trying to get some input on these two review classes in preparation for my FNP exam. I already have the Fitzgerald review books and CD's, however I want to study with another material as I am registered to take both the ANCC and AANP (Vegas Approach)... Any input will be appreciated. Thank you
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  3. by   Tinabeanrn
    I am not attending any live reviews, but I have the Leik book and love it and I have Barkely and like that one too. If you are taking both certs I heart that Fitzgerald prepares you for both. But to me her review book is a little basic and doesn't have enough peds in it. I have listened to Fitz and Barkeley a million times and read through Leik. I am gonna read through Barkley and go on and test with the AANP. I am also reviewing all my old power points and stuff. The girls from my class attended Fitzgerald live and said it was worth it, even though they already had the cds. Maybe you should attend Leik live since you already have the Fitzgerald stuff. You will be just fine
  4. by   Nne1
    Thanks. I communicated with Leik via email and at this time her live seminers for June is limited to FAU students. So I guess i have to go for the barkley review. Thanks once more
  5. by   Nelli17
    Hi,There are lots of review businesses who target people like us who want to do well and search for quality materials. I went to a website that claimed it was 29.99 for an online review for the FNP. Family Nurse Practitioner study and review for FNP certification - Exam Master Corporation. Well after I paid the fee, I could not access anything. When I called, I was informed by the crooked company's rep that the 30 fee was only for access to the site. Each practice test was 30. Be careful. We already spend a great deal of money on school and the exam. I purchased Leik's and went to Barkley's review. Both had very useful information as far as breaking the information down.
  6. by   Lilly12
    I was wondering if u did end up taking the AANP ? And which resource was most helpful? I have a few days to cram last min info and don't feel very confident - pls help
  7. by   RainieRN
    I really like Maria Leik webnair review. I believe this year she is offering an April course. It's 2 weekends and 1 monday. She is great and gives you lots of good material to know for the test.
  8. by   Chris_Tea
    I took the FNP Mosby review with National Healthcare Institute and I passed both the ANCC and AANP exams. Found a couple of errors but after taking Barkleys review I realized that I rather have a couple of rational errors than pay for a course that fall short in general like Barkley. Based on my experience, I will recommend this course over other reviews out there...