Adults Taking Advantage....

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I have probably complained about this here before, but I am yet again at the end of my rope with the adults in my building taking advantage of having a nurse at their disposal night and day; There are the daily "What do you think about this rash?" or "My mother is having dizzy spells - what should we do?" but also blaming me for their illnesses - as if I have any control over the hygiene practices in their spaces beyond ensuring students with communicable diseases are out of the building for the required number of days. 

I included in my end of year COVID email to staff that if they have a COVID situation that they should consult the CDC isolation/quarantine tool and their PCPs. I stopped short of explicitly telling them to NOT contact me this Summer, and based on what I've seen this week, I'm regretting not doing that after all.....

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On particularly rough years, I mention the number of staff member visits during faculty meetings and they tend to drop off for a bit. 

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Unfortunately, we don't have all-staff meetings and a majority of the offenders are classroom aides, so they wouldn't hear the messaging... The faculty are actually really good about boundaries, for the most part... and their questions are less about me fixing their health issues and more advice based, which I can handle.

Sigh, I guess I can only hope that certain aides are moved to classrooms farther from my office so that I'm not so close at hand...

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Put up a vacation message.



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This has always been a chronic problem for me. At the beginning of the year, I put in my Health Office In-Service that I will always help them with an immediate injury. And then I tell them that while I can answer basic medical questions, I cannot advise them on a health issue for themselves, or a family member. I tell them I will probably almost always tell you to consult your doctor.  And when they come and ask, I remind them that their best choice is to discuss it with their doctor. I remind them I am not good at rashes because I am not a dermatologist, and I don't have xray eyes. Some accept that, and some get annoyed, but I am not really bothered by those who get annoyed 😉