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I've decided to adopt a new life philosophy!

Sunday afternoon I was in the ER (as a patient not as a RN so I'm not violating HIPAA). I live in a very small, rural town so our ER is small and somewhat outdated. It has two trauma bays separated by only a curtain, so privacy is pretty much non-existent. So I'm sitting there waiting to be seen, my husband at my side, when we overhear this conversation in the bay next to us:

Doctor: We got your CT results and in addition to the fracture in your back & neck, you have multiple fractures in your face and skull. There is no bleeding or brain injury but these fractures are serious. You have a fracture to the bone at the base of your skull, multiple fractures to the orbital bone around your eye, and a fracture to the maxilla, this bone here (I guess he pointed).

He went on to discuss with the patient and his wife that it would be necessary to transfer him to a trauma center in the metro area nearest us and he would be seen by a neurosurgeon and maxillofacial/cranial surgeon, etc. The doc then leaves to take a phone call from the trauma center.

Wife to husband: Well, at least you didn't break your nose.

I look at my husband in disbelief as we both start laughing and I say quietly, "Well, at least there's that!!!"

So my new philosophy whenever I have a bad day, it could always be least I didn't break my nose!

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Love this. Thanks for sharing.


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My philosophy towards idiot drivers is "job security".

When I have a bad day *post chocolate or cheese is at least I get paid to be at the hospital and I get to leave in the evening unlike the people in the beds....

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I like it, I think I will use that too. Hope you are well and feeling better!

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