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Hello all of you wonderful nurses out there! It is me again, with yet another question.

Currently, I am getting myself all preapred to get started on my pre-req's after the ACT. I live in the Oregon City vicinty so I have been looking at CCC but I am not limited to that. If it was worth it, I would drive to other schools as well to attend a good program here in the state of Oregon.

I would like to know if any RN's here have graduated from a ADN program here in Oregon. If so, I would absolutley be thrilled to hear about the program. Reccomedations, etc.

I'd also enjoy knowing whether or not some of you know if there is a website,person,place..etc to get information about schools ADN programs -- not from the schools official website. More like views on the program from graduates and students.

Usually the information and answers I get is almost overwhelming so, Hopefully SOMEONE can be of some help, like always.


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Well, I may be just a LITTLE biased but Clark College in Vancouver has a heck of a program and they offer reciprosity to Oregon students. I have heard not so great things about PCC. Pluss the cost of living is lower on this side of the river-even with the sales tax.


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I received your last e-mail a long time ago, sorry I haven't taken the time to send you a thoughtful response.

The above post sounds interesting. Vancouver functions within a publicly supported health care system. I've had no experience

outside the US but what from wht I've been told and from the preceding post, this would well be worth your while to look into.

Do pay attention to where you'll be transfering to continue studying. Check with the Nursing faculty at a US school (or several) to be sure of what courses to take that will transfer to our American university system. There probably isn't much difference, but check.

Also, a good book for you to read now is Dare to be Free, by James Huffman RN. It is a very good book for someone who is just begining their nursing career. He can also be e-mailed for questions, he has posted many times on this bulletin board.

Just my opinion, Edward, IL


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My eyes are rolling really bad right now.

I was referring to Vancouver WASHINGTON, as in the most Northwesterly State in the lower 48. Vancouver, WA sits on the North side of the Columbia River (the State line), Portland OR is about 15 minutes South of here.


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Thanks for the info! Not sure if that is possible for me but thanks!


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Kids r fun, Don't roll your eyes so much. Before I met someone from here ( I originally grew up in chicago) I did not know there was a Vancouver, WA either. I only knew of the one in BC. Many unfamiliar w/the PAC NW don't know of or think of Vancouver, WA when the city name is mentioned.

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