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Should i GO for my ADN or BSN

That depends on a lot of things.

What schools are in your area, and what are the offering?

What is your financial situation? Do you need loans or are you trying to pay as you go?

How much flexibility does your schedule allow?

What time frame are you looking at to finish?

Do you have previous credit? If so, who will take it?

How many pre-reqs do you need to be able to apply at each school?

I'm doing my ADN. I *might* finish a BSN at some point in the future, I don't know. In my area 90% of RN's working in the hospital systems here are ADN RN's, so I'm not worried about it.

There's always talk that ALL RN's will be required to get a BSN, but never any kind of firm deadline.

Weight the pros and cons....

It ultimately depends on a person's situation, I think....

So what is your situation?

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In my opinion BSN. I have my ADN, and have been told that with the huge number of nurses being turned out by nursing schools that most hospitals are hiring mostly BSN's. Even my care coordinator (35 yr experience, RN, ADN) told me that ADN soon won't be enough. She recommended me get my BSN as soon as possible.

From her point of view (and she helps with hiring) if I were to change jobs in the future, if I had 7 yrs exp with an ADN, and I was up against someone with 5 yrs exp but BSN, I prabably wouldnt get the job.

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