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ADN or non-nursing degree Accelerated BSN Program

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Hello :) I'm wondering if anyone is currently going through, have been through, or know someone who has been through an accelerated BSN program. I have an undergrad in a non-nursing field, but instead of going to grad school, I decided to pursue nursing. I just started working on my pre-reqs hoping to eventually get into a nursing program. I'm undecided on whether to do an accelerated BSN or a tradition ADN program (which I only need A&P since I already have other credits). I want to know if it's overwhelming, how you enjoyed/hated it. I also want to know how prepared you felt after nursing school. Any feedback on how people feel about the accelerated BSN programs or which route you think is better will be greatly appreciated...thanks! :nurse:

Hey! first off congrats on getting your undergrad. I actually just went through an ABSN program and know a few other people who have gone/ are going through them in different schools. ABSN programs are crazy, but well worth it. If you feel like you will be able to keep yourself mentally focused then thats a start. It's a lot of time management. Yes it is very exhausting and you won't have time to work and study. If you do plan on working, think twice because you will be spreading yourself very thin. I personally enjoyed it, just because within the span of 5 years I was able to get my undergrad and a second 2nd degree in nursing. I am also a fast paced kind of girl. I love organizing and planning how to manage my time. Theres barely any time to get a full 8 hours of sleep, because you're constantly cramming, reading, studying, in clinicals, traveling to and from class, etc. But I will tell you this, ABSN programs are more than doable as long as you have the mindset for it. I know a few people who ended up failing solely because their heart and minds weren't in it; therefore it reflected in their motivation to study. no study = pray to God to pass. But after those 12-18 months, depending on the program you take, you feel the most rewarding feeling ever.

ADN, on the other hand is an associates not a bachelors. A lot of hospitals prefer bachelor degrees in nursing rather than associates. The only way to get into a good hospital with your ADN is if maybe you worked there as a CNA or possibly volunteered. I know a lot of ADNs who could only find jobs in nursing homes or outpatient clinics, which don't pay as much as hospitals. Also, keep in mind ADNs have a smaller yearly salary in comparison to bachelor degree holders. Yes I understand it might be cheaper and a lot of people would rather do associates, work, then pay to get their bachelors. In my opinion you should finish your prerequisites and just go straight for that bachelors, especially since you have your undergrad.

Out of curiosity, when you decide, post what you decide to do! If you have any other questions feel free to ask! Good luck to you future RN =)

I agree with auchiepie. Go for your BSN. ADN nurses are being required to go back to school now to get the BSNs. I have spoke to quite a few and have family and friends in the field.

Unless you only want to do some clinic work or work in nursing homes, your best bet is to get in a BSN program without having to get an ADN and be told to go back to school. Plus a BSN gives you more opportunities and higher positions verse staying at a lower level as an ADN.

Hi auchiepie...Thank you for your input. Patience, patience...I think that's what I have to keep reminding myself LOL. I was really surprised to learn that I only needed one class to qualify for an ADN program and I got too excited about it.

ShondaJ...thanks for your input! I'm not sure what the market is really like out there when it comes to BSN and ADN. I definitely need some insight on what kind of job market to expect. Thanks again!

Right now I see most employers are seeking BSN or higher. ADN are kind of getting the lowest paying jobs likes nursing homes and clinic type stuff from what I have been seeing. That's why I chose to get my BSN instead. ADN students are now going to school for their BSNs because of job requirements and being stuck where they are and can't advance because they don't have a higher degree.

I see a lot of jobs posted all over so why students are not getting hired is kind of confusing to me. I see nursing jobs advertised all the place. Tons of them. I can only guess they are not really looking. Nurses make pretty good money out here. I can't wait to be through it and start my new career,