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I am currently a new ADN grad. I like nursing but I think I prefer non hospital/LTC environment.I was a lpn so getting my RN was a natural progression for me I guess. My question is I would like to obtain a MBA or some type of business degree that is health related; Is it necessary to obtain my BSN then my mba or just try and go straight to the business degree? Im glad I obtained my degree but I would like to eventually transition out of the field but still remain in health care it is not something I can see doing forthe rest of my life.

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A bachelor degree is a requirement for a master's degree. I recommend going for a BSN then an MBA.

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There are also programs that are dual-degree, like the MSN/MBA. That is the hot commodity in my area.


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I have a M.B.A degree and it is required to have a B.S degree first. You will have to have all of your Gen Ed classes completed plus lower level business classes including Statistics, College Algebra, Econ I, Econ II, Marketing, Management, Intro to Business, Intro to Computers, Financial Accounting etc .YOu may want to check into a specific school to check for their requirements.

At the Masters level, I had to do Finance, Econ, Managerial Accounting 9 credits of electives,, Operations Research, Strategic Management etc. Basically, I had to do around 33-36 credits. I have seen some program that requires up to 42 credits for the Masters degree. Good luck.

I am not sure that I would reccommend a M.B.A in this economy. The price and time was not worth it for the salary that I make but YMMV.

Good luck.

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