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i have been trying to get into nursing school (accelerated bsn) programs in my state for two years now. i have not been accepted to any, in which i apply once or twice a year. i am wondering if i should try for an adn program. am signed up for one at the community college and have to wait a year on the waitlist. some of the hospitals in our state are going towards "magnet" status, (this seems to be the growing trend). these magnet hospitals will not hire adn nurses. i know a bsn provides better opportunities in the future, but i can't get in!

i don't know if i should continue to beef up my resume (which i have been doing for two years, (every time i get rejected) or go into an adn program. any advice?

What ADN program only does one seven hour class per semester??? Mine was far more than that! lol. I think my last semester was 16 credit hours alone.

Yeah, they've got couple of medical/surgical courses, mental health, and OB/peds. They have one credit hour pharm courses for each semester, but what's a one hour class, lol?

"I'd go with BSN personally. You'll getter better exposure."

Sure. If you can get it.

Why not take a chance with the ADN program?

But whatever....go with your gut. The BSN proponents will always tell you that their program is better. It's up to you.

Readers are supposed to infer certain things.

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