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Hi everyone :)

I am currently attending FCC and will be graduating with a General Studies AD in the spring, but I was planning on staying at FCC to apply for their Spring 2011 ADN program. I am now looking into transferring to a four-year school to get my BSN instead. After this spring semester I will only need Chemistry, A&P2, Micro and possibly a nurtrition class in order to fill UMB's pre-reqs.

I do plan to eventually get my MSN.

What sounds like a better plan.. going from an ADN at FCC to a BSN or a bridge program to an MSN.. or transferring my pre-reqs to a BSN traditional program next year?

Why not apply to both and see what happens? FCC (I'm assuming Frederick?) seems to be pretty competitive

Frederick Community College: Courses and Programs Health Care

If you get into one but not the other, it'd probably help you decide :)

I believe Hood just started a bridge to BSN, also. Good idea just to apply to more than one school, but I would want to go where it was cheaper and more convenient for as long as possible.

It sounds like to will not be able to start even FCC's nursing program by the spring of '11 if you won't have A & P 2 or Micro done by this December.

Oh that link I posted says that Spring 2011 at FCC is full so you'd have to wait for Fall if you met the pre-reqs.

Woops! I meant Spring of 2012. I plan on taking AP2 next summer and Micro during the Fall of 2011 before applying for the Spring 2012 programs.

I didn't know Hood started a BSN program! I will check into that because I live really close. Thanks everyone!

That is very exciting about Hood. I live in MC but Hood is definitely closer than Baltimore or other options. Hopefully they'll start up a 2nd degree BSN program too :)

I looked at MCC and they have an agreement with Stevenson which is near Baltimore... soo soo far. I have a couple years though before I apply to nursing school.

Well, from what I understand it is a bridge program, so you would need to get your ADN first, then the BSN from Hood.

I am hoping to get into FCC's spring 2012 evening/weekend program, too.

I couldn't find anything about it on Hood's website. Where did you find the info? I plan on going to the transfer fair in a couple of weeks at FCC to talk with some other schools. Most likely I will stay at FCC to apply for the spring program. It is very convenient and I have an almost two year old at home. It will be neat if we are in the same program!

It is actually geared toward nursing students who graduated from FCC. Here is an article they put on their website a few months back:

Hood College | Majors

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