ADN, BSN, or accelerated BSN?


Good morning all!

I am moving back stateside soon (hubby is active duty Air Force) and I finally get to go back to school! I have a Bachelor's in Health Systems Management. It got me a government desk job (which I HATED). I am considering going back to school for nursing.

I was accepted to an ADN program at our last base, but declined the position due to a new baby and a husband deploying. So now my kids are all in school, and I'm wondering which path to take.

The ADN program is local and I would be dual enrolled with the University (an hr away) to bridge seamlessly into the BSN. However, this will take 3-4 years. After the ADN program is completed, the BSN portion is online.

The traditional BSN would take me 2 years. The catch is, the school is a hr drive, and the winters there are HARSH.

OR, I could apply for that same school's accelerated BSN, which will take 15 months, but it's an online classroom, traveling all around the state for clinicals.

Which option sounds like the best one to take? Any advice would be great! Thanks!!

My area is really pushing for BSN's. The hospital I want to work at requires that you either have a BSN on start, or pursue your BSN within three years of working there.

I was initially going to get my ADN and then my BSN, but looking at job listings in my area changed my mind.

Perhaps look at the type of job you're interested in and see what's required.

Good luck!

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If you can get into an accelerated BSN program than financially that may be the best way. The main reason is you will be working while others are still in school. Take advantage of your first degree. You earned it and now it will count for something in the nursing world. Mine was 21 hours/semester so just be ready to work. If you can't handle that much then maybe a slower option is better for you.