Admitted then Not Admitted?!?


:uhoh21:I know this sounds scary, but I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who was admitted into a nursing program and then when they had a registration appointment/showed up for classes/when you met with a faculty member again/when you started school - someone told you that you were not admitted into the program?


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Unless "someone" has a letter to that effect, I'd ignore it. No paperwork, no truth.


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I have never heard of that, but I have heard of people who were provisionally admitted but who were then not admitted because:

*They failed to complete/pass IP prereqs

*Failed to pass the background check (DUIs are big issues)

*Failed to show up to a mandatory orientation

*Failed to send in transcripts and/or other final paperwork

Can you imagine? I got the above scenarios from the secretary of a nursing program, so I trust the source.


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I was admitted to a program but then it was canceled because they had not hired enough faculty. It was a real let down!

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