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Admissions into WSU RN traditional

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Hello. I am a current student at Wayne State University. I have just completed my freshman year with a 3.55 GPA. I plan to complete all of my prerequisites by the end of my sophomore year. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how hard it will be to gain admissions into Wayne's program. On the same token, I would also like to know if EMU's program is difficult to be admitted into. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of being admitted into one of these nursing programs? Thanks in advance

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A good idea would be to talk to each of the nursing offices and see what their requirements are to gain admission or look at their website. The amount of people entering nursing school is huge and you can bet the competition is stiff. A few of my classmates are going to EMU and they told me the program is based more on GPA. The sooner u find out the quicker u can get your prereq's completed and get on their waitlist.

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Wayne State has informational meetings about once a month, I think they have them for the traditional program (I went to the second degree meeting). You might want to attend one of those.

For the second degree, they do primarily look at your grades for science classes (bio, micro, chem, organic & biochem, and A&P), as well as a few others (foreign culture, sociology, etc...). I don't know how it works for the traditional program, though. I know it helps to get the best grades you can possibly get! Good luck...

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Last I knew Wayne was admitting students with a 3.8 or more in their pre-requisites. They have to cut off grades so high due the the fact that they only have space to admit 1 out of every 10 applicants. However, they also take other factors into account, via the admission essay, and things like having worked as a nurses aide, or volunteered in a hospital, or other life experience may be considered in the admission process (as it should be! people who worked as nurses aides had a big advantage over students who had never worked in patient care positions!).

And unless you are rolling in money, or mommy and daddy are bankrolling you, don't waste your money taking pre-requisites at Wayne. Take them at your local community college for 25% of the price! And honestly, the quality of instruction at my local community college was much better than the humungous impersonal classes at Wayne.

Does anyone know how hard the traditional BSN programs at Eastern or Oakland are to get into?

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