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what additional certifications would help me? graduating in may, working on resume,

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I graduate this may with my associates in nursing, and I am starting on my resume. I am curious if there are certifications out there that could help boost my resume a little?

I have my healthcare provider cpr, and I am a certified medical assistant.

Are there any other certifications that take about a week or less that could help me?



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JustBeachyNurse has 10 years experience as a RN and works as a Nurse.

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Moved to nursing first job assistance to elicit further response.

There are a few certifications that may or may not assist you such as ACLS and PALS but many facilities don't expect a new grad to have these certifications as most healthcare professionals do better in these classes once they have some exposure and experience working as a licensed professional. Plus, if required for the position many facilities will provide the training at no/low cost. (ACLS & PALS can coste a few hundred dollars).

Nursing ceritifications such as certified OR nurse require a minimum of 2 years full time experience working as a registered nurse.

Good luck.

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Lev has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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If you can get a job as a tech in a hospital, that will help you the most. Unless you work as a medical assistant already.

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