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  1. A turn of events in my life has presented the possibility to enter into administration of a detox wing of an addiction treatment facility. I am curious about the field of detox and specifically, any administrators or management level professionals who can offer my insight into their day. I was actually on track to enter into an APRN program this spring, however I am open to considering all career paths and want to make a well informed decision. If anybody could offer me some insight into a 'typical' day-if there is one- and if they have or are now working in administration, do you like your position, do you have a good work-life balance? THANKS in advance!!
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  3. by   showbizrn
    What you didn't say was whether orbit you have a passion for addictions nursing? I can't give you "a typical day info" but since the opportunity presents itself, GO FOR IT! I have the passion for addictions nursing but none for administration, so I work on the unit and teach.
    Much success to you!
  4. by   Sadiem
    Addictions nursing is a specialty with its unique rewards and challenges. Do you have a propensity for helping substance abusers? Do you empathize with and understand people with the problems that lead to addiction, or the problems that occur in their lives as a result of addiction? Unlike the nurse who is simply working there and following what she is expected to perform, you are the boss. Staff and clients will be relying on you to compassionately enforce and update the policies as well as oversee quality, safety, and administration of deliverables as promised. If this sounds enjoyable to you, GO for it!
  5. by   AlannaCT
    All I can tell you is I love love love this field and would never consider leaving. I have worked the triage intake area many years and am now the nurse manager. Addiction nursing is so much more than the title. Not only do we treat a population that is still stigmatized and looked at with disdain even amongst our own, we have to be highly skilled at medical, psychiatric and substance abuse assessments to deal not only with the addiction, but also the comobidities that can result from chronic substance abuse, chronic and acute medical issues as well as undiagnosed or untreated mental health and psychiatric issues. You need to be knowledgable about diabetes, HIV, Hepatitis and other issues so common in the substance abuse community.
  6. by   Sadiem
    Sounds like you found your niche! God bless you in it. I am so gratified when a nurse knows her passion and gets to do work she loves. It really is the greatest profession on earth and I am saddened when I hear about burnout and dissatisfaction on the job. After all, some degree of altruism inspired us to choose this field. Nursing as a whole loses when one of us becomes disillusioned and either changes profession or begins to function with little to no passion. You will continue to be an inspiration to those around you and a helper to the clients. They both need nurses with your heart!