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Adaptable Acuity Beds


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I put this in the search and got nothing . My POE is going to this soon. Has anyone worked in this setting before ?


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What is a POE?

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Making acuity-adaptable units work: lessons from the field


Acuity-Adaptable Units (AAUs) are rooms with a treatment model that allows all stages of patient care to come to the patient’s unit from the time of admission to discharge. Minimizing the amount of patient transfers helps decrease medication errors, infection rates, and medical complications. This helps avoid injuries and infections connected with patient transfers from unit to unit through transitions in stages of care. Some examples of this include staff lifting injuries, patient falls, and missed or delayed treatment. Some AAUs can “flex” the entire range of the care spectrum, serving critical care needs to medical-surgical acute care. AAUs have had both successful and unsuccessful results, but little investigation has gone into why AAUs work in some hospital settings and not in others. The purpose of this study is to outline the tactics and

strategies that have worked in different institutions.


The Universal Bed Care Delivery Model



The universal bed/acuity-adaptable care delivery model is a concept based on the labor, delivery, recovery, post-partum (LDRP) care process, where patients stay in one room during their hospitalization with the appropriate level of care brought to them. Corazon has worked with multiple community hospitals initiating open heart surgery programs ...

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Thank you NRSKaren RN BSN !!