Acute Care NPs in California, NEED ADVICE.


Does anyone have any idea who is eligible to precept an AGACNP student in the state of California? Specifically NP preceptors, MUST they be an AGACNP themselves?  

I am asking because in my area, many FNPs or AG Primary NPs work in the acute care setting though they are not licensed as Acute Care NPs..  I am wondering if they are eligible to precept me for my remaining hours for my AGACNP course.  I contacted the BRN for answers, and they told me to contact the certifying body I wish to take my exam with in the future.  I contacted them, and they told me to contact my school's Program Director.  I've been in touch with my school, and they all tell me that its ultimately up to the state.  

Any Acute Care NPs have experience with NP preceptors who were NOT acute care certified? (Aside from MD/DO/PAs).  Did verifying your clinical hours become a problem?

I'm from San Diego and DESPERATE to complete my clinical hours.. I'm already delaying graduation up to 1 year because of my inability to find a preceptor.  I can't find willing MDs, and as aforementioned, all of the NPs I know in the acute care setting are not certified Acute Care NPs but have extensive experience in the setting...... 

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I'd say precept with whomever holds the appropriate work experience and willingness to precept. Of course you can do a rotation with a physician. That should never be a question. As for others, keep in mind that ACNPs make up only about 7% or so of the total NP population, last I recall. Most I believe are clustered in urban areas. So your pickings are a little slim depending on where you live in terms of finding another ACNP. So I think any NP working in the inpatient environment should be fine, given this fact.

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If California BRN told you they have no preference, then neither does ANCC or AACN. It's ultimately up to your school (some even allow MD or DO as preceptor). I am precepting a student from an out-of-state institution in the Fall and was given a specific California BRN form to fill out that was asking for my experience, my credentials, and years service within the practice.

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I am an ACNP in CA. My clinical preceptors were a MD- hospitalist/internal med, a DO- pulm/critical care, a FNP- in ER and a ANP- outpatient cardiology. I had no problems with the California BRN or AACN to test for ACNPC-AG. I suggest that you get the hours wherever you can (as long as they are clinically relevant) and good luck!