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Activities for nurse and patient?


Does anyone have fresh ideas for activities I can take up with my patient?

I am his caretaker and we are very good buddies. I am around him many times throughout the day.

He is 14 of that helps. He is very intelligent however is partially mute and has difficulty with coordination and some motor skills.

I don't want him lying with a TV all day. I am always making sure he has something to do. I also plan activities for he and I so we can have time together, other than medical or care procedures (which can be a drag).

However, I need new activities. We have been doing the same things for months now, like our puzzles and my storytelling and such. I'd like to mix it up for both our sakes.b

Thank you. All suggestions are appreciated.

Are the two of you able to go on outings? Anything to get out of the house and out of the room, even if it is the same walk (or wheelchair stroll) around the block, gets him exposed to fresh air, sunshine, and life. Good for you, too.


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Pinterest is my friend for stuff like that. But make sure the parents are ok with the activities.


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Perhaps you can purchase an artist's canvas and some paints, and work on something together. I recently found some great ideas on Pinterest (of course) for many things to do w a canvas. One thing that was fun was to paint color patterns all over the canvas, stretch painter's tape in patterns over the colors, paint over with a solid color, then remove the tape. Another canvas i did was to paint the canvas one color, draw a design on the back then carve that out w an exacto knife. Awesome results! Another popular idea is choose a fabric and staple it over the canvas. Fast and easy!