acid base imbalance fluid and lytes


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What is your question??????????????

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What do you need?


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There are a few threads on F&E and acid/base balance in this forum that have some good explanations depending on what you need help with. But there's a lot of info to just be spit out. Maybe be more specific with what you need help with.


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An acid is a proton donor (e.g. HCl or H2SO4), a base is a proton acceptor (NaOH, NH3).

pH is a measure of acidity... which means the concentration of hydrogen ions. pH=-log[H+]... low pH is very acidic, high pH is very alkaline.

Buffers are compounds which resist changes to pH... they are weak acids/bases which pull out or give off hydrogen ions thereby stabilizing the concentration of hydrogen ions.

Osmolarity is a measure of the concentration of particles dissolved in solution... and water tends to move from regions of low solute concentration to regions of high solute concentration.

Some random answers to a nonspecific question.