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Accepted...and terrified.

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Hi all. I got accepted into nursing school. I was extremely excited for about 3 days. I'm still in shock and very excited, but now I am also scared. I'm not having any second thoughts, but I am worried. What if I mess up and don't pass school? Even worse, what if I mess up and accidentally hurt a patient?

I am sure these fears are normal. I would be more concerned if I didn't have them. Lol.

How have you guys dealt with these fears?


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To have these fears is perfectly normal. Remember that nursing school is meant to turn you into a nurse, just as boot camp can turn you into a Marine or a Soldier. Study hard, listen to your professors, practice your skills in labs and practicals, and watch the school turn you into a competent nurse. You go to nursing school for the precise reason that nurses need to know far more than anyone other than an MD about medicine, disease processes, pathologies, etc. If it were easy, anyone could do it.

If you didn't worry about your future patients, you would be a psychopath. It's a good thing to be concerned for their welfare.


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I am just about to graduate nursing school and I still feel that anxiety of messing up! I have always been a perfectionist so this was really hard for me to overcome but nursing school will give you tools and experience to get through those feelings. It really is all about practice. The more clinicals you have in school, and the farther you get that fear will start to be overcome by confidence. Sometimes you've just got to learn to let go and be along for the ride and accept that you don't know everything, you will make mistakes but it will be okay. You will learn the things you don't know and make the little mistakes right alongside your peers who are a great support system. Be excited : )

Absolutely completely terrified still and I graduate in one month. The fears don't go away, but you will build your confidence as you go along in the program. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you all for the support! I am extremely excited!

I'm terrified as well. I've been accepted into a private university's direct entry 4 year nursing program straight out of highschool and i dont know if i'm prepared. What worries me is the financial aspect as the only way I can afford the university is through the scholarship I got which pays for half my tuition so the other half is through loans. The scholarship states I need to make atleast a 3.0 gpa and I'm terrified that I can't keep up to that aha.

I've thought about going to a city university and doing it the traditional way by taking pre-reqs first but I'm not guaranteed to a nursing program that way although it is alot cheaper.

So im taking a risk and will probably graduate with a bunch of loans to pay off. :***: