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I was not accepted 1st time; I had a TBI in the army but I am an A student partly b/c I work very hard. my classmates were very surprised I didn't get in b/c they know I good at what I do, but my pts were low. the board looks at pts not who you are; unfortunately that will never change; there is no experience like combat that will prepare you for the RN program. I did not tell them I had a TBI for fear of being judged; i will never give up, but can i ever get in.

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I am so sorry.....Never give up, Never surrender!

Nursing is very competitive right now. Try other programs. take the TEAS again. I have heard the ATT study guide isn't the best. Look at the TEAS forum for study help.


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I don't think having a TBI affected your chances of not getting in. In my area (socal), applicants with disabilities get extra points (not a whole lot, but better than nothing). I also believe veterans get extra points (they may even get priority in acceptance; haven't looked and qualifications as of late though) too. Like the above poster said, nursing is VERY competitive. Down here in socal, a lot of people are getting away from the UC and Cal-State system and going to community colleges, making nursing even more competitive. Try again every semester, don't give up! Don't forget to try multiple colleges as well. If nursing is what you want to do, then you should be doing all you can to get in (not that you aren't already)!

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