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@nurse397 I honestly thought the writing was the most difficult and the science was one of the easier sections. Apparently I just confused myself because everyone else seems to agree the science was the worst. I wouldn’t stress about an 84 overall. If you’ve got good grades in the prereq courses I think you’re in good shape. I also don’t think it matters if you’re in state or out of state. Points are assigned purely on prereq grades and Kaplan scores.

Thanks JenSande. My GPA on my prerequisites is 3.45. I took the Kaplan twice, the first time I didn't do very well. Especially on the writing, but studied like crazy then took it again and greatly improved. I watched quite a few things on youtube on reading and the writing. It really helped. The Kaplan prep book was completely useless except for the reading comprehension, but I could've gotten the same information another way without buying the book.

Thank you for the information. Wish we didn't have to wait so long before we find out if we made it or not.

@nurse397 Prereqs the only prereqs they look at are A & P, Eng Comp I, Psychology, H G & D, Sociology/Nutrition, Public Speaking, Pathophysiology, and Microbiology. If you have a 3.45 in those and an 84 on Kaplan I’d bet your chances are pretty good. Don’t stress the wait. It’s that way for all the Kansas programs. They never admit until the application period is closed.


I got the rubric from Becky today. My total score is 34.5. Now it's just a waiting game. Fingers crossed and prayers said. Good luck to you too.

I emailed Becky at Hutchinson and she was kind enough to let me know that it would take all of September to process the applications, so letters would more than likely be sent out around the first part of October.

Dylan Wildman

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I feel all of your pain in regards to awaiting acceptance letters. I hope to see all of you in January!

I received my acceptance letter today for the 2020 online RN bridge program.

@nurse397 Congrats! I haven’t heard anything yet. That makes me a little nervous since I’m in state and you aren’t. Mail should have been here by now if they were all sent at the same time. @janelane213 @Dylan Wildman @ThomasP have any of you heard anything back?

Dylan Wildman

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@JenSande I also received my acceptance notification today. The letter was dated today, 10/15 but the envelope was postmarked 10/10. Yours may still be in the mail! Good luck.

Dylan Wildman

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@JenSande Thank you! If I remember correctly, I scored at 37.5. Not 100% sure without digging for the rubric and my transcripts, but I believe it was close.

@Dylan Wildman dang! Way to rock it. I was below that so who knows. Someone else mentioned they got WJ email stating they were waitlisted. Haven’t had a chance to check my email, but suppose I should. Thanks for the information and congrats again!

I got a 34.5, if I remember correctly on the rubric. I received the letter on 10/15 and I live in Georgia. Didn't pay attention when it was postmarked. There may still be a chance. I would imagine they'd let people know either way.


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