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I got accepted to OHSU accelerated BSN to CNM program and I'm hoping to get in touch with my cohort before orientation. What are you doing to prepare? Where are you getting your supplies? Any recommendations for good banks (or whatever) for student loans? Did anyone have to apply multiple times before finally getting in? yadda yadda.

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Hey Onthe Horizon!

Have you received any info from OHSU beyond the initial packet of stuff that had to be sent in by May 1st? (such as anything about supplies or schedules or anything?) I haven't, and am hoping it arrives soon.

Have you already visited OHSU? If so, what did you think? I'm visiting in a few weeks, after my finals are over.

Are you already living in Portland? I'll be moving in early June (assuming I don't go to UIC, which is my backup. My husband is still looking for jobs in Portland.)



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I just wanted to tell you congrats, thats awesome news!


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No I haven't gotten anything else yet and I'm starting to really stress about it! I even emailed the program advisor to find out what's going on. She said they're sending a welcome packet out "soon," and that registration opens May 11. But we newbies aren't expected to register right away I don't think. The packet should tell us what classes we need etc.

I'm also anxiously awaiting financial aid info. I'm not prepared to pay for school yet and that's definitely another big stressor weighing on me. Hopefully those letters come soon so we can get our affairs in order and find out what scrubs to buy...

I live in Portland. OHSU is up on a big hill overlooking the city and it's a really nice campus. It's a big pain in the butt to park up there, though. So in looking for a place to live, I'd recommend finding something near a bus line that heads up there or near the Max or Streetcar (our two lightrail systems).

Good luck on finals and have a great visit up here. See you in June!


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I can't write personal messages anymore for some reason. I'm sure we met at orientation, but I don't know who you are! :) let's be real friends!


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Hi Steph :) Were you the one who said you'd been a birth doula at OHSU? I wanted to ask you about that, actually. I didn't realize OHSU hired doulas. I'm the one who said I'd been to Guatemala and hope to return. I bought my books and got my ID today. I'm excited and kind of nervous for classes to start. You?


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That was me! I didn't actually work for OHSU, but for PDX Doulas. We were based out of OHSU and got to have badge access to L&D and the MBU (mother baby unit AKA postpartum). It was really awesome and I'd love to chat about it. Fitting. I got my badge today, too. I was showing it off at my beau's work haha. I ordered used books online... hopefully I get the important ones in time for class!


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Hey all, anyone get accepted off of the waitlist? Or have any info about that? (for the traditional OCNE program starting in Sept)


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Congratulations you all! I hope to apply within the next two years. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their stats. i.e.. what level of experience you have, GPA and GREs? I don't know if I should focus on getting my GPA up or getting more L&D/Birth Center experience, volunteer work, leadership, etc.. What do you think is most important?


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to check in with you to see how your enjoying your time at OHSU? I've applied and I'm waiting to hear if I've been accepted. I have been trying to research student experiences but surprisingly there isn't alot of info out there.

If any of have 5 minutes to spare and are interested in letting me know how you are feeling about the program, work load, organization, or just any general info you wish you had known before beginning it would be really helpful!!


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