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acceptance to Macon state colleges BSN program


Yayy!!!! i made it in. Now i hear my life as i know it ends. Is there any tips i can go by when starting nursing school at macon state college? Any help would be great!:lol2:

Did you get accepted into the BSN program right out of high school?

no, i graduated in 2003 and went back to college in the fall of 2007 and have been doing core work since then.

Congrats!!! I still haven't gotten anything in the mail yet :(. If I applied to both ASN and BSN do you think I will get two separate letters or just one??

well i applied to both as well and i got accepted to the BSN but i have not heard anything from ASN. u might want to call up there to ask why u have not recieved anything. there were alot of people that got them yesterday but i guess it depends on how far u live from the school. hope everything works out for u!


I, too, got into the BSN program at Macon State for the Fall of 2010!!!

Are you taking NURS3200 this summer? I just bought the book for it today and paid my reservation fee!

no, i am just going to start in the fall. i am gonna take micro this summer and wanted to make sure i did ok in there being that it is summer, but if i was not taking anything i would have. I did pay my reservation fee on monday and on tues went MOM. i am tryin to get everthing out of the way.lol :nurse:

Did MOM do the TB tests there? I took Micro in the summer last year and it was rough because there was so much material, but the lab was a lot of fun!

yes they did everything there. but it is a two step tb so i have to go back on tues. for another one. i heard micro was gonna be rough but i dont have a choice. i guess this summer will be busy.lol