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I am so frustrated with waiting for my acceptance letter for Spring 09. Classes start in 2 days, and I do not have my letter yet. Here's what's really irking me...I am taking 3 pre-requisite classes this fall. I just paid $550 for books. Money is so tight right now. If I didn't get in for Spring 09, then I probably won't take classes this semester and work many more hours instead, but my freaking school has not sent letters out, how in the heck am I supposed to get around this? I don't want to pay for tuition until I know for sure. Plus, I certainly don't want to remove the shrinkwrap from these exorbitant textbooks because I wouldn't qualify for a refund. The deadline for application was July 1, so they've have approx 45 days. If it really takes so long, then why not move the deadline up a few weeks? How can they not send letters out until after fall classes have even started? How are students supposed to get their pre-requisites in? Oh well, I guess since acceptance is so competitive that schools don't have to be customer-service oriented. Sorry, but I hate things that just do not make any sense. Thanks for listening. This is the first time I've ever posted.


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I felt similiar to how you feel. I couldn't wait to get my acceptance letter. :thnkg: It came late but I got it and it was worth the wait since I got into nursing school. :D Try not to worry. Good luck!


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Call your recruiter at the school to "confirm" that they received everything. I had a legitimate problem with part of my transcripts being sent, so I called the NS recruiter to check on them and she told me that they'd recieved everything and that my acceptance letter had been mailed the day before.

Can't hurt to try!


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Ditto to what the above poster said, I would call the school to make sure your application is considered complete.

I would also see if you can find someone in Admissions that would be willing to tell you when a decision is likely to be made with regards to your application. In asking this, I would explain your situation to them and hope you find someone who sympathizes with you.


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just wondering if you ever received your acceptance letter. i'm also waiting for spring 09, but won't hear anything until late oct. or early nov.

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Yes, I did receive my letter about a week after my first post, and I was accepted. I am not thrilled with the service I have received from my institution, but my options are limited. I plan on keeping a journal of everything I experience and writing a letter to the President of the College after I obtain my degree. This is ridiculous! I am going to Nursing School, not joining the Army. Colleges treat students like 2nd class citizens these days, especially the highly sought-after nursing programs. I won't stand for it! Good luck, and hope you get into a decent school!

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