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I interviewed at a CRNA program and about two weeks later called and was told congrats your in. Called Two weeks later to see when I was going to receive my packet and was told I would receive it via email later that week. I did receive and email with the packet an hour later also received a letter saying my file was under review. Called the curriculum coordinator that sent me the emails and was told the information she received stated I was still under review and she mistakenly sent me the packet. She tried to contact the anesthesia dept. but my luck they left early due to the holiday. Now I have to wait until Tuesday to find out if this was just a mix up. Anyone else have this unfortunate experience?


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Wow what school are you referring to? I heard of someone being sent an interview notificationa and acceptance at the same time! I thought that was strange, but boy your situation is even worse. That blows... hope you do get in

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Well there isn't too much you can do until after the holiday. Do you have the name and contact number of the person who told you you were accepted? Hopefully this is just some error between admin and the anesthesia dpt.