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Acceptance in Chamberlain College of Nursing

Kareyes Kareyes (New) New

I have taken the HESI and submitted my application about two weeks ago at Chamberlain for BSN. I was wondering how long usually is the wait in order to find out if I get accepted or not. I'm just very nervous about the result. I really hope I get in. Thanks!

Each school is different in terms of taking time to carefully study each applicant's application. Your best course of action right now is either to look up that info in the school's admissions web page, or simply call up and speak to someone in the admissions office.

Don't be afraid to call your advisor, ask when the admission committee meets. You should know within a few days after the committee reviews your file.

Thank you! I actually got accepted!! Although, there are some financial issues so I don't think I will proceed the admission. :( but thank you for your response!

Do You Mean You are no longer interested or did they wait until after your acceptance to help you realize you couldn't afford it regardless of loans and aid?


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