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I currently have a grad (MS) degree in a non nursing field. I am interesting in hearing from anyone who is currently or planning to attend an accelerated program in Florida. I am looking into the BS to BSN program at JU in Jacksonville (4 semsters) or ADN program (3 semsters ) at Miami-Dade CC for those with a BS degree. Any thoughts? or Advice?


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I am in an accelerated program for those with degrees in other fields. It is not in FL, but it is a 12-month program for BSN, similar to the first program you mentioned. I do not know anything about those programs, but I would suggest you get your BSN, rather than an ADN. You will essentially learn the same skills in either program, but since you already have all the BSN prereq stuff done (i.e. liberal arts), you might as well go for the BSN. That way, it will be easier in the future if you ever have the inkling to get an advanced nursing degree. My two cents. Good luck!

I think if the difference between the BSN and ADN is only one semester, you should definately do the BSN...... At any rate, that's what I would do. Then you are that much closer if you want to continue nursing studies at the graduate level....

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Do you have all the pre-reqs for the nursing program completed (microbiology, anatomy I & II, etc)? There are usually more pre-reqs required for a BSN as compared to the ADN, but if you have them all completed, then go for the BSN. You might also want to check to see what the waiting list is like for both of the schools you are looking at & make your decision from there.

The advantages of the ADN are that it costs less than a BSN, you spend more "hands on" time in clincal situations, the program is shorter & you end up with the same RN license once you pass the nclex. You also have the option to complete your RN to BSN program online rather than sitting in a classroom since the majority of the BSN program is theory related.

The main advantage of a BSN is for managerial/administration positions...most require a BSN. If you decide to go on & get another masters degree, I've been told to get one in anything but nursing...such as business administration, hospital administration, etc. There really isn't any advantage to having an MSN as compared to a BSN.

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