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Hello All - So I have been posting a lot of questions when deciding on what route to take to receive a nursing degree. At first I wanted to stick to either an accelerated BSN program or a traditional BSN program.

However, after hearing some peoples thoughts on the matter, I've considered getting an ADN through Johnson County Community College (if accepted), or another community college and taking my NCLEX-RN exam and and finding full time work from there. After landing a job, I would plan on completing an online RN to BSN program.

Currently I have a bachelors in communications from KU (2012) and I will complete my MBA from Baker in July of this year.

What are you all's thoughts/experiences on this?

I searched local hospitals such as KU Med, Children's Mercy, and Saint Luke's and they do hire RN's with an ADN - however many say they must go back to get a BSN within 5 or so years of hire.

Reasons why I may do the ADN route first:

1) It is way cheaper. Yes - even in the long run.

2) I can work during the program; And since I have some of the classes required in the ADN already done, I don't have to repeat them. This means that during some semesters, I would be taking only the nursing classes which could mean as little as 8 - 10 hours a semester and since I will not be relying on financial aid, I can drop to being a part time student. This will allow me to work - I have NO experience in any type of healthcare setting so working/ getting experience would really help after completion of my program.

3) I would have a life. I know all nursing school (whether it is ADN or BSN) is demanding, as expected. But an accelerated program crammed into 12-18 months would not allow time to just breathe. Or time for family, work, etc. I value those.

-- The downside of this program is it is 2 years, but there is no summer work so I can bump up to full time employment/internships during the summer. And maybe working 2 years part time can help chances of finding a job after I graduate (and maybe a higher paying job)

REASONS I would want to do an ABSN

1) Quick - MNU has an ABSN that is 12 months of intense work, but then I'd be done (however if I have no experience working, how easy will it be to land employment?)

2) The idea that a BSN would give me more opportunities - and it may just be better to knock it out in 1 year.

--My original vote as of now is for the ADN!

I apologize for the long post, but just any opinions/thoughts would be great!


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I personally wouldn't do an ABSN unless my life depended on it. The ADN program was tough enough without having to cram it into a year.

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Love your avatar, btw! :)

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I decided on ABSN for a couple of reasons. In my area you won't get a job in a hospital without a bsn. It's faster. We have a good state school that isn't charging an arm and a leg for it.

But if hospitals hire ADN in your area, why not?