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Ok, our class is split up into two different labs. One of the labs meets on Wed and one Thur. I'm in Wed lab. Usually we have our lab quizzes the day before them. Well, this girl, who I suppose I am friends with, but not exceptionally close friends. I have helped her a lot with objectives and going over things and that I don't mind. Well yesterday she asks me to call and tell her what was on the test. I know I should have just confronted her on it, but I didn't. I wound up using my caller ID and having my husband answer and tell her I was out at my sister's for the night. Then I wake up this morning and of course she called again. I feel bad avoiding her, but I just felt it was the easiest course of action. Next semester I won't have this problem and it just wasn't worth making waves over right now. Anyhow, just wondering how you all handle situations like that.



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Good job @ not helping her cheat. I am a pretty outspoken person, so I would have probably just told her that I had no intentions of giving her an unfair advantage over everyone else, and that you would not jeopardize your career for her benefit. Because if you got caught in my program you both could be kicked out.

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Some people you just have to stop in their tracks. Let her know that she needs to study the info just like everyone else does!

Happy Ho-Ho to you too! :D

Julie :)

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