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ABSN UMass Amherst 2015


So, I would really like to get into UMass Amherst for there 2015-2016 cycle, so I will be sending in my application soon for there February 2015 deadline.

I'm just wondering if I even have a chance since my Bachelors in Biology overall GPA is a 2.99, then I took a summer course (Microbiology) at a community college and received an A. Hopefully that'll boost my GPA up for my degree?

I also have over 2,500 hours as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and I've studied abroad in England/Ireland for a Biology course.

This is my number one school that I would like to get into too, I was just wondering other peoples statistics on their GPA average, GPA for their pre-reqs, and if anyone has been or is in the program can tell me about it?

Thanks :)

I too am interested in the UMASS ABSN 2015-2016 cycle. This is my number one choice and really the only school I will be applying to.

As far as my prereq information goes, I have a 3.87 overall GPA in my undergraduate bachelors in Exercise Science. My prereq classes GPA is a 4.0. I took three of the prereqs at a university and three at a community college. The only medical/patient experience I have is doing a 600 hour internship as a Physical Therapy Tech so I'm hoping that doesn't lower my chances of getting accepted.

Also, just so you know it looks like they have changed the application deadline to January 15th instead of February 1st!

Good luck to you and any one else applying!

Thats great egboeman! I'm retaking some of the pre-reqs this semester so that I have a better chance of getting in. I called the Program Director today and she told me that about 250 students apply and about 100 students with the top pre-req GPAs are considered, and based off the essays and interviews 72 students are accepted.

I'm also applying to this program. I think the University of Massachusetts offers a strong curriculum and great facilities, and it would be exciting for us to be a part of the experience there. Good luck to everyone else applying!

Hi I recently submitted my application . I went to umass for my undergrad and am hopeful to be going back for my bsn!

I applied as well, please let me know if anyone gets any notification of acceptance or interview schedule. Happy holidays everyone.

I just got my application complete email!

I also just put in my application. Umass is my first choice as well. Good luck to everyone hopefully we will here soon about interviews.

Hi everyone! I'm new to the thread but just wanted to check-in an see if anyone has heard anything about how the admissions process works. I read on last year's ABSN Applicant thread that admissions said they take the top 100 prerequisite GPAs and start from there. Was anyone else told that? My undergrad GPA is 3.9 but my prerequisite GPA is only 3.78. The waiting period is the hardest part! :) Another question, how soon after submitting your application did you receive your application complete email? I just sent mine in last week so I'm not sure how soon I should expect to hear back from them. Good luck to everyone!

I went to an information session and got the following info: they only look at GPA of prerequisites not your undergrad and that almost all that are accepted are above 3.7. I know they look at GPA, reference letters, and essay to decided on who to invite for interviews. They made is sound like GPA is very important, but you could get in with good recommendations and strong essay but not have a GPA below a 3.5 on prerequisites. I dropped off my application in person on Jan 2. I then left a message to make sure it was complete a week later. They didn't call me back but did send me an email saying my application was complete. I also wanted to correct my earlier post. Hopefully we will hear soon on interviews.

I also just received an email stating that my application was complete. I'm a little nervous about my GPA, but I know my letters and essay are both very strong. Waiting is so tough!

I know! It's definitely the worst part. May I ask when you submitted your application? Hoping I didn't forget anything in mine!

Long story short - I mailed everything 12/23 but then had to request an additional transcript STAT that I completely forgot about on 1/5, then the email came saying my application was complete 1/13.

I received about 6 confirmation emails from UMASS lol not sure why. I received one pretty much every week since I sent it in. I am feeling pretty confident the only thing that worries me is that I took 2 separate statistic courses in my undergrad, one 100 level elementary stats course from a community college, and then a 300 level biostats from UMASS. If they use the elementary stats it is going to significantly lower my GPA to below a 3.7, if they use my biostats from umass then I should more than okay. I am kind of worried though... besides that I have a lot of work experience in one of UMASS affiliate hospitals, great LORs, and a great essay! So hopefully things turn out okay! Good luck to everyone else!

Smcc, I think it makes sense for them to take the stats course with the higher GPA, as if you were retaking it to up your grade (happens often). I wouldn't worry about it! It sounds like you'll have a solid application--always a good feeling. I'm finding it really hard to know whether my application is going to be competitive. I wanted to retake one class to up my prereq GPA but just didn't have the time last semester so I'm stuck with the 3.78 for now. Anyone going to the info session on the 28th or have you already attended one?

As long as I don't have to work I am going to attend!

I submitted my package on January 12, 2015, I waited because I was waiting for all my final grades (for my pre-reqs) on the last semester.. I got an email and said mine was incomplete because they needed all official transcripts to be sent directly from schools that I attended.. I immediately took care of it, however I didn't attend the info session prior to submit my applications, would that be an issue?? I am so nervous and anxious to hear back from them..keep us posted if anyone heard anything back ..thx :facepalm:

I didnt attend an info session