ABSN degree limits options for advanced degrees, working abroad, etc?



I am hoping to get into an ABSN program in which I will earn a BSN in 4 semesters. I am curious if doing an accelerated program might end up limiting my options in the future in some way. I have heard anecdotal information about some higher education programs not accepting accelerated BSN degrees, because of an idea that students didn't receive enough clinical hours, or something along those lines. And I know that there are some requirements when working in other countries that you have a 4 year degree. Does this typically mean they want to see 4 years worth of semesters on your transcripts? Or that they want a bachelors level degree?

I would love to hear any first hand knowledge or experiences of nurses with accelerated BSN degrees.

Thank you!


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None of my classmates, nor I, have had any issues getting jobs. We are spread throughout the country. We have the same amount of clinical hours that the traditional BSN had, we just got credit for all the general education requirements because of our previous BS degree.


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Some people have posted here in the past that they were unable to get licensed in some foreign countries with an ABSN.


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I have no idea WHY an ABSN would limit you. You are satisfying the requirements of a second bachelors degree. It's no different than going back to school for ANY second degree, except this is accelerated (usually meaning you work straight through the summers, and take more credits).

My ABSN is the SAME as the other upper division program at my uni, except faster. We do the same clinical hours, same exact classes...I just don't see it being a problem.

As for the foreign country thing? That seems ridiculous. I wonder if the wording of "accelerated" makes it seem like it's somehow abbreviated/shortened in terms of academic rigors. Weird. You DO have a 4 year degree with an ABSN. You technically have two. I'm wondering if people just didn't properly process their applications?