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Just wondering for those working in hospital the policy your establishment requires for call off? We are given 2 hr window before our shift begins to call in to management and let them know we will not be in attendance and this will count as 1 single absence. IF you do not make the 2 hr window — your call off is counted as TWO absences rather than one. Do other hospitals do this as well???? 

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We have 2 hour window for 0700 shifts and 3 hour window for any other shift. If the window is missed, they have the right to not pay unscheduled PTO out. Only counts as one occurrence.

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Many places I've worked, if you do not call out in the required amount of time (2 hours is pretty standard) it's considered a no-call, no-show, subject to greater discipline than just "one event/one absence." Meaning, verbal or written reprimand, and if it happens again, it would go through the progressive discipline policy (so, if it happened multiple times, there is actually the potential that you could get suspended or fired). If there are 3 such events in a row, it's an instant termination. So I would say having it simply count as 2 events instead of 1 event is getting off easy. Just make sure you give that 2 hours' notice. Not doing that is screwing your charge nurse or house supervisor, who then has to scramble to figure out staffing in the 11th hour. It sucks.

**There are, of course, exceptions for those situations where it is an unforeseeable absence (car accident, for example).

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I agree that its usually 2 hours. (saying that, I am a traveler for many years now), had current facility tell me I "called out late", when I called in 3 hrs early. so I always ask still. 

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