About to take NCLEX-PN for the 2nd time in 3 weeks - help!

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I graduated at the end of march and started studying in april. Reviewed with kaplan - online course, book, online classes, etc... took in the beginning of june and did not pass. I think the majority of it is this hidden fear that I had and it was obvious with my colleagues that I let the fear take over, no matter how much in denial I was in. Now that the "worst" has happened, it's not so scary anymore. Also, I think instead of really knowing the material, my mind automatically just memorized the material - as this was how I did it in nursing school (stored in short term memory just for the tests). **HOW DO I TRAIN MY MIND TO KNOW THE MATERIAL, LONG TERM?8* After June, I just needed to get away from it completely so when I did study again, all those feelings from before wouldn't interfere - fresh new mind set. Time went by really fast and now I have 3 weeks to do it. Seems like a short amount of time but at the same time, I need to trust that I do remember the info. I contacted Kaplan again and enrolled in the online class again. I bought a different Kaplan book that actually has all the information and organized better than my old book (PN course book). I also bough "Exam cram - NCLEX-PN" for more of the content (Kaplan has more of an outline). Anyhoo, any advice? Can I do it in 3 weeks?

Just take a deep breath and relax first. Don't worry too much because this will make you more nervous or anxious. Just study and read the rationale every time After you take the test. Also, try to write all the wrong answer you've got. Write the questions, answer(s), and rationale. But doing that you're not only reading it and memorizing it once but also you're writing then down and before you sleep try to re-read them. Reflect what are you thinking why you choose the answer yet although it wasn't the right answer. The rationale will give you enlightenment about why should the different one. This will also helps you to store it on your LTM. Actually I took my nclex-RN yesterday and found out I failed. That is because I am lacking with content. So what I did, instead be being sad and discourage. I went back straight from studying and doing everything what I have said. Hopefully, it helps you too. Just relax and don't let anxiety take over. Life is full of challenges but we just have to learn how to cope well and move on. :) good luck on your test!

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