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If a patient makes remarks like "Maybe this illness means I shouldn't be pregnant" or "I didn't want to get pregnant, I'm going to do what I want, baby or no." (like eat poorly, drink, drugs etc). Just generally dropping hints that she is not happy with the baby or the situation. What do you do in response?

What if you know the MD is strongly against abortion and does not discuss this with the pt, and if the pt asks re information MD makes his view known, so the pt has not had the information presented to her, or been asked her position. How do you approach the situation?

Not meant to offend anyone...I just want to be able to address the feelings or questions the patient says instead of ignoring her, or steamrollering her into the decision that I would make.

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Have your tried asking her to further elaborate her feelings?Sometimes it will come down to something simple you could do such as give her more information about her pregnancy. If she says she is not happy you could bring up adoption options. Eventually the topic will probably need to be addressed if that is the road she is considering walking on.



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I'd try talking to her in a nonjudgemental way ... there may be more issues at home that she needs to have addressed (abuse, financial difficulties, etc) that she may not want to directly bring up. It's really hard to be pregnant if you don't want to be and even harder to admit it cause the world in general just makes the assumption that it's wanted and only addresses the happy parts of it. .... maybe you could offer the phone # of a clinic that does counseling for pregnant women?

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Thanks for your replies. My biggest issue was that the MD and many coworkers are strongly against even discussing abortion- although the pt was hinting around. I felt like any counselling I gave would be viewed as inappropriate, and that the pt was left with fewer options than she could have had. Just allowing her to talk about abortion and perhaps discard it as an option would have made me feel better, but it seemed like she had been boxed in by what others had decided for her.

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