Able to get LPN licensure in NYS with Misdemeanor Conviction from another state?

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I am currently enrolled in and have attended 4 days of vocational school for LPN so far. The teacher was very specific about past and present criminal charges a person may have that will definitly interfere with chances of being a licensed LPN, but she mainly said felonies would prevent someone from getting their licenses.

Back in 2007, I used to live in California and unfortunately went through a very bad time in my life and received a DWI conviction, which is a misdemeanor. I looked up my driver's record here in ny and nothing even shows that I lived in california, and my insurance rates haven't gone up either (though I hear it takes up to 5 years to hit). But my question is, will my conviction back in 2007 in another state hinder, if not completely destroy, my chances of getting my LPN license here in New York? I asked my instructor and she said she did not know but I should talk to the head of the department asap. I will be doing this, but I wanted to see if anyone else could be of any help. Does anyone have an input on this???:confused: I am very VERY stressed out over this.

Hello, I am in a similar situation. I am supposed to start nursing school in NYC this fall. What was your outcome? I hope everything worked out for you!

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Call the New York BON. New York may not consider DUI's as a misdeameanor. Florida considers them a felony and would not take it lightly. If they were to grant you a license, they would probably have you enter the IPN* alternative program and be monitored for a period of time...

Wow, its been quite some time since I logged back in. Needless to say - now I am about to graduate RN school next month and already landed a job on an ortho floor and OR (have to pick one soon). I never ended up taking my LPN boards years ago (I was fearful that I would get denied, wasted too much time inbetween and I decided to go straight back to school to get my RN). Since then I have spoke to several people who told me that I will just need to write a letter explaining my situation to the NYS BON and attach all paperwork that shows my fines/fees/charges were taken care of. I believe I have everything I need in order to proceed when I send in my application. Fingers crossed. This has been a burden for me for too long. I really hope you were able to figure out your situation! - please fill me in!

Thank you for your response - sorry on my delay in answering. NYS BON does consider my offense a misdemeanor unfortunately, and they advised me to just make sure I have all my paperwork assembled together with a letter explaining what had happened. Basically, a letter of good moral character - something to say I am not a terrible and irresponsible person, and I am capable of providing safe and excellent patient care to anyone. So, as I told purplemargie above, I will be graduating from RN school in 40 days - and I will be submitting my paperwork and hopefully approved.

Did you get your license?? Any issues with BON???

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