AARRGGGHHH Geometry.....HELP!!!!

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Ok...here I am taking the core course of Math (required for the college I attend) and they are now on geometry. Lines, rays, and segments. I have a take home quiz and not a clue how to do it....give me ratios..can do those almost in my head!! LOL! please, please, please, someone help me!!! It's due this friday and then I'm done with that class forever!!! Thanks

You're asking the wrong person, sorry! Wish I could help you...

HELP!!! I am on the last exam (take home) for this madatory math class at the university that I attend and wouldn't you know...it's geometry...lines, rays and segments...I could really use some help doing this...thanks


I could of help if it was algebra. However, Geometry I'm not too good at it. My chemistry teacher always said to check a lower level book such as a fifth or sixth grader book when you can't do something especially math. Mainly, because it will show you the simplest way to do the work. College books sometimes make things complicated when they are not. My best advice to you is to check middle school geometry books or high school's. Best of luck in your exam.

please...is there anyone that can help with unions and intersections in geometry...help me keep my A!!!!

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