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AANP FNP 2017 *Pass*

Hello All! I have been creeping on this site for the past several weeks as I prepared to take the AANP-FNP exam today. I have a prelim result of PASS which I am very happy about.

Thanks to all who posted their tips. Here was my study routine...

I spent about 3 weeks 4-6 hours each day studying. I used 2 books, Fitzgerald and Liek. Both were helpful in different ways, but Liek helped me most with cardiac murmurs!

I also took 2 diagnostic tests in the final week before my test, 1 from Barkley and 1 from APEA. I definitely recommend the APEA one. The online format was better AND there were a couple of questions on my actual exam that were word-for-word from APEA.

I was a little worried about my antibiotic knowledge, but I knew my treatments for STI and that was crucial. There were too many peds questions for my liking, but I suffered through. I was happy that there were not any tricky questions. Everything was straight forward.

My other strategy was to go ahead and schedule my test quickly (I graduated May 14, tested June 2). This forced me to study and allowed my most recent synthesis clinical knowledge to remain fresh in my brain. You won't ever feel ready..don't over think things. Remember, you just spent the last couple to several years or more preparing for this.

Now...lets hope this prelim result is correct!

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

Specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

Thanks for the tips....moved to student NP forum


Congratulations and thank you for your advise. I failed the test recently and my score is really devastating. I am starting to study now. I can only invest 1-2 hours per day to study due to my family situation but I will try really hard to pass the next one.

Please try to study a little bit more. Please focus on the elderly, and pediatrics, pyloric stenosis,intussusception, PMR, etc. Good luck.


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