AANP FNP (Failed -> Passed!)

Today 9/20 I passed the AANP FNP! But the journey was not that easy and hopefully if this similar situation pertains to you, I hope it provides some ease of mind/emotional relief.


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I was informed that you must wait until you get your official score report so that your CEU's will be taken according to your weakest area. It takes around 5-7 days after testing to receive in the mail. Then you can complete all of your requirements. Good Luck!


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Atezyk04 said:
How were you able to reschedule so quickly? AANP informed me that I cannot reschedule until my scores have been released and they only release them on tuesdays... I tested and failed last Thursday... took the day to sulk and Friday I began the CEUs and necessary steps to be eligible to retest... what am I doing wrong? How can I apply to retest without the results?

Unfortunately I never ran into any such issues. If that were the case though, I guess coincidentally, I happen to call them on the following Tuesday, notifying them of my submission and they had just happen to release the test score?

I can speak from my experience that I did NOT have to wait the time frame for my scores to be mailed and arrive at my house. Try calling again tomorrow and speaking with another representative. Maybe during today's conversation, it had not yet been posted on 10/24 Tuesday, but possibly tomorrow Wednesday 10/25 they can find the information....

Instead of asking directly the question, "when can I retake," I always used the wording, "I unfortunately was not able to pass on my first attempt and I know I have to complete CEU's prior to retake. I have finally completed the required CEUs and I sent verification of the pdfs/license identification. I just want to make sure it was sent to the appropriate personnel and that you received it, so that when I am able to reapply for retake, I was not missing any additional documentation." ... Then they could verbally verify they received my documents and it put my name on the top of the list to approve.

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I agree. So many people fail the first time. Facebook has a aanp/ancc support group and the amount of people that fail the first time seems really high compared to what I hear. Although the review courses are helpful, they still are in business to make money, and it would not benefit them to boast a 77% pass rate because no one would invest money in the reviews.


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Hey, can you comment with your email address? I have questions about the exam


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I just took my exam and did not pass. I stumbled upon your post and it lifted my spirit. Please can you message me? Or how can I get in touch with you


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Hello I just took my for a 2nd time.and I am frustrated. Are you able to contact me so I can receive more advice from you.I dont really understand the results they provide us feom the test.Also why they say if you answer the question wrong it is not held against you on test but when you get test results it gives you a fail test Please help.


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Hi just wanted to let you know that the

exact same thing happened to me yesterday, I thought I passed but I failed. I was just wondering what your recommendations are and if you can contact me directly thank you.

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Thank you so much for your insight and guidance. I just failed AANP yesterday. I went in confident that I knew enough to pass the exam and was surprised at the NOT PASS message on my preliminary result. I will definitely use your strategy to regroup quickly and be successful on the next exam.


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How do I message you for more in depth discussion? Can we somehow exchange email addresses? I have not passed the AANP exam, 3 times now......I am defeated and know that I am smart, but just can not seem to pass this test. Any help would be appreciated. I have taken the APEA online review 2 times, the APEA live review once, QBank, Predictor exams, books, Leik review book, and just last week took the Leik live webinar review. I do not know where to go from here or when to schedule the exam. I am 2 years out from graduating from Walden, had a baby, and work as well....HELP!!!!!




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Hello I am new to this site but would like more info on your test taking strategies . I am super happy you passed!!! I take my test this Saturday need help!!


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I know this post is a bit older but I would love to hear some of your tips, strategies and recommendations!


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Hello everyone,

I must apologize to many for 1) Not being able to respond in an appropriate time frame, 2) overlooking the email. I know over the first couple of months following my test, I had spoken to so many of you via phone call and provided additional insights/assistance, and it was always a pleasure to hear back from about their success.

I am hoping I can still provide assistance to those in need who were in my predicament or will be taking the exam soon. To those reading this, if you have sent me an email in the past and I have not replied, please resend another one starting now 6/10/18 and I will do my best to reply as soon as I can.

I have setup the following email to my phone, thus if you do email me with questions/followups, I can hopefully reply much sooner.

Email: ContactFNPSA@gmail.com

Til this day, that whole test-taking process still remains memorable.

Keep your head up, i'll check these forums more often.

Take Care