AANP Adult Gero Exam Passed October 2015


Just like everyone, I have been reading topics about tips and tricks in passing the AANP exam.

I would like to share my experience.

I graduated August 5th. Took a break for 2 weeks and decided to start studying. At the beginning I was so confused and don't have any idea what to study. So I decided to study by body systems. I first watched Hollier video (this was given as a free review by my school) one body system at a time. Then I would read Leik's book (Adult NP). I finished all body systems in 2 weeks.

Third week of September I did a Leik webinar. It was not effective for me. So I decided to enroll with the Barkley live review on September 26 and 27th. When I took the DRT I scored 58%. I was discouraged and disappointed.

After the Barkley review I decided to focus my review on the Barkely handbook and the audio from Barkley which really helped a lot.

For my Q&A, I subscribed 1 month of bundle from APEA, 10 sets of exams from Exam Edge and APP from Leik. I answered at least 300 questions everyday. I also answered all questions at the back of Leik's book and answered Hollier's book.

One week before the test I purchased 75 questions from AANP (kinda costly) and scored 73%. Five days before my test I was scoring between high 70's to 90's with the Leik book (per 150 questions) and Hollier book. I decided to answer the Hollier book again. My DRT with Hollier was 64%. It was not a good score.

One day before my exam, I read Barkley handbook and answered more questions from Leik App. I arrived at the testing center almost 2 hours before the test as I was scared I will be late due to heavy traffic. I checked in around 9:10am for my test scheduled at 10:30 but they let me start the test at 9:25 since there was a computer available for me. I didn't took a break. I was nervous at the beginning of my test that I have to mark my first question and decided to move on to the next question. I finished the test with 44 minutes left. This gave me enough time to review all marked and unanswered questions (15 questions). I took the survey and finished everything with a good news that says PASSED.

The exam was a combination of straightforward and difficult questions. I was praying while I was answering every question. However, I agree with Dr. Barkley, mastery is a key in passing the test.

Good luck to everyone!!! If you have questions I will be happy to answer.

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Congrats - moved to student NP so this can help others...thanks.


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how did you do on APEA's Qbank? Did you purchase the bundle pack or just the management one? I am taking the exam in 2 weeks and getting a little anxious. I am scoring 70s-80s on the qbank (150 questions... I know they are repeated). I scored a 78% on the predictor exam. I hope to pass and can't wait for the chapter in my life to be done!! :)


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Yes I did purchased the Bundle 1 month ($129). There were repeat questions but it was worth every penny. When I started with APEA it was high 60's-80's. In fact with exam edge my highest score was 497 and the passing was 500. Questions were weird and difficult with exam edge. But APEA and Leik are better and almost similar with the real test.

Good luck!!!


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Thank you so much!


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I am taking AANP test next week (I failed on my 1st try). Did you also have a lot of skin questions? how about drug interactions? I am super anxious:(


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Question-- did you use the Fitzgerald Comprehensive Review at all? ( I know you did not list it on your post). Just curious, I am finding that material harder than APEA. Thank you. Your post is very helpful.


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There were a lot of skin questions, cardiac (mitral regurgitation, aortic stenosis etc), DM II, only 1 OB question. No drug interaction.

I did not use Fitzgerald review. I tried to answer the Q&A book but I didn't like it because the rationale were confusing unlike Hollier and Leik that everything were explained.

Good luck!