Aaaah its almost time! PAX RN


Omgeeeeee. Im so giddy and a little nervous. I dont think ive ever taken a test that means so much. This will largely determine whether I get into my nursing program next fall. T minus 2 weeks.

Im not worried about my GPA. If I keep going at this rate I should end up with a 3.5. Now just praying that there isnt much physics on this test. The math I can do with my eyes closed and English is hard to study for. I'm glad I waited until later on in the semester to take it because A&P knowledge is sure to help.

Anyone else taking entrance exams soon?


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Good Luck on your entrance exam! I had to take two different ones. It was nerve wrecking! But go in with confidence, take a deep breath, and ace that test!


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I'm taking the pax on Thursday and I hate to admit that I have not been studying!!!!


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Rightousjenn, how was it? I take mine december 10th and I'm no good with studying..


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Rightousjenn, how was it? I take mine december 10th and I'm no good with studying..

I got a 139 composite. It mirrors the book... I even saw a lot of the questions in the math section on the actual exam... Don't underestimate the physics!!! There were a lot of questions on there as opposed to the practice exams


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OMG I passed!!! I got a freaking 150!!! I almost cried when I saw my score.

English portion, not so bad. Not nearly as hard as the review book in my opinion, but there were a few vocab words that I completely guessed on. There were 84 questions but only 60 were graded. I got 86% correct, so 51/60 correct. I finished in about 30 minutes out of the 60 allotted. Placed me in the 96th percentile.

Math: I can do math with my eyes closed. Super easy for me but I did need the full 60 minutes since there is no calculator, fractions, decimals, basic algebra, basic geometry with a few area/perimeter questions. 54 questions, only 40 graded. I got a 100% so 40/40 correct. Placed me in the 99th percentile.

Science. Oh dear god. I really though I failed this part miserably. Questions on everything, biology, chemistry, physics. A little bit of everything. I felt like I was straight guessing on 25% of the questions and best-guessing on another 25%. FOUR questions on anatomy of the eye, really? Velocity, Kelvin to C and F conversions, electrical currents, wavelengths, some basic bio, genes, a little bit of everything. By the time I was finished with science I was hoping that I did well enough on the other two questions to simply get 120, above passing and I think high enough to get me into the program. 84 questions here also, 60 were graded. I got a 75% so 45/60 correct. Placed me in the 95th percentile.

I am very very happy that I took A&P I before I took this entrance exam, I know at least 10-20 of the science questions were covered to one degree or another in class so far. Soooooooooooooooooooooo soo so so so happy. Now to wait for the end of the semester to see if I can get a 3.5 GPA and then wait until February/ March to see if I got accepted!!!!!


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Please give me some insight! Im taking mine soon and really worried... studying my ass off! worried is actually an understatement...